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Activism Handbooks

“Women’s Leadership and Social Change”

Below, you’ll find the goals and descriptions for each of the WILL senior activism capstone projects!

WILL/WGS 496 capstone class:

Section I  “Access Denied” Class of 2004
Power Point Presentation

Section II    “La Mujer Saludable” Class of 2005

Section III  “” Class of 2006

Section IV   “UNGAAG” Class of 2007

Section V     “W.A.R.”  Class of 2008

Section VI   “L.E.A.P” Class of 2009

Section VII “The F Word Reclaim It”  Class of 2010

Section VIII “H.E.A.L. Health Care Fair” Class of 2011

Section IX  “Women’s Center Revitalization” Class of 2012

Section X “TCNJ Unbreakable” Class of 2013

Section XI “PRIDE Center” Class of 2014

Section XII: “What’s Your Feminism?” Class of 2015

Section XIII: “Period Perspectives” Class of 2016

Section XIV: “The Fault in Our Follicles” Class of 2017

Section XV: “Women Behind Bars” Class of 2018

A Review of the Capstones 2004 – 2016