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Executive Board

WILL 2019 Executive Board
(WILL Officers are elected at the end of the fall semester and remain in office for a full calendar year.)

Executive Chair: Dian Babu (

Vice Executive Chair: Genesis Lopez (

Vice Executive Chair: Liz Nemec (


Committees & Committee Chairs 2018

Internal Affairs Committee | Programming Committee | Fundraising Committee |
Membership Committee |   Community Service Committee

Internal Affairs Committee

This committee takes charge of day to day communication with members, maintains records of attendance at WILL meetings, maintains records of committee membership, keeps minutes at meetings, and functions as the historian of the WILL program (maintain scrapbook, etc).

Co-chair: Gianna Fuls-Hopkins (
Co-chair: Genesis Vasquez-Peralta (

Programming Committee

The programming committee organizes functions and programs for WILL membership meetings, as well as for the campus community; also plans social events each semester.
This committee also prepares for upcoming events including publicity. Members network and form coalitions with other student organizations, represent WILL on campus-wide committees, and provide information for the website.

Co-chair: Lucy Fleischmann (
Co-chair: Rebecca Melton (

Fundraising Committee

This committee maintains the WILL student organization’s finances and plans fundraisers for WILL student programs.

Co-chair: Miranda Crowley (
Co-chair: Lily Gilston (

Membership Committee

In order to recruit new students, this committee organizes and disseminates information to first year students, actively recruits new members, organizes activities for TCNJ Open Houses and Spring Day, and manages peer mentoring among WILL students.

Co-chair:  Roshni Raji
Co-chair:  April Kibalo (

Community Service Committee

This committee provides information, organizes volunteer and community service opportunities for WILL students.

Co-chair: Chelsea Triano (
Co-chair: Catriona Leary (


One of the requirements for WILL students is to attend three gender-related events each semester. Therefore, the Genderwatch position was created in order to accurately inform WILL members of upcoming gender events. Responsibilities of the Genderwatch position include being well-informed of campus events and providing the members of WILL with a weekly calendar of gender events.

Chair: Sarah Pawlowski (