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Below is a link to internships currently available in several fields and locations. Along with a description of the internship’s requirements and guidelines.

Internships By Subject

Internship Guidelines
The internship will be used for academic credit and should advance the student’s knowledge of a career path or professional field that they are considering.
The internship may be in any employment sector (e.g. business, social services, education, law, health care, psychology, government, etc.) provided it fulfills the other guidelines.
A job a student already holds may be approved as an internship if it meets the other guidelines.
The student will have a required number of hours working on the internship.
The student will be required to maintain a participant-observer journal, conduct research, and write a report on a topic related to discussions from the class.
The internship site must have a supervisor who will agree to mentor and evaluate the student. Mentorship includes reviewing the student’s goals for the internship, offering insights into concepts, strategies, and guiding them toward research materials that will enhance their knowledge of the field.

Any questions, please write to the WILL Director at