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What is Women In Learning and Leadership?

  • Women In Learning and Leadership (WILL) is a curricular and co-curricular, certificate-bearing program designed to provide leadership experience, encouragement, and opportunity for development of critical and analytical skills. WILL provides active learning opportunities that empower women as leaders, fosters a deeper understanding of women’s roles and contributions to society, and offers opportunities for women to investigate career and life choices.

Why become a member?

  • Women In Learning and Leadership provides women with a community of empowered, like-minded women that create a support system for each other. WILL also provides members with many unique opportunities ranging from leadership based conferences to other learning opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom.

Can I be in the Honors program and in Women in Learning and Leadership?

  • Yes, we encourage our members to be involved in many different aspects and programs on campus.

What are the requirements?

  • There are both membership requirements and academic requirements:
    • Members are required to go to meetings every other week throughout the semester and also attend a minimum number of 3 on campus events related to the goals and objectives of WILL.
      • These “Gender Events” are sent out weekly via email by the Gender Watch Chair
      • Feel free to bring relevant events to the attention of Gender Watch/Eboard at anytime
    • All members must either complete a Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major or minor. Minor requirements include five pre-selected WGS classes  that cover many liberal learning requirements all TCNJ majors must fulfill before graduation.

Can I become a member after my freshman year?

  • Yes. It is encouraged that all women and female identifying students apply before their freshman year so that they can enter TCNJ as Women In Learning and Leadership students, but mid-semester applications are always welcomed!

An internship is required for WGS398 Feminism in the Workplace, as an education major, can junior field experience or student teaching fulfill this requirement?

  • Yes, junior field experience or student teaching (both of which are education major requirements) can count as internship experience for WGS398.

Is WILL on my transcript?

  • Yes. WILL is a certificate-bearing program. Students are tracked by Records and Registration throughout their tenure as WILL students certifying successful completion of the program.