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The WILL Program strives to foster a deeper understanding of gender and its intersections with race, culture, class, sexuality and other aspects of social identity. By connecting students with each other, and to a strong supportive network of faculty, staff, alumnae and community mentors, WILL students develop critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, problem-solving and leadership skills. In addition, WILL students participate in a variety of community engaged learning projects designed to promote positive participation in the global community.  This program provides opportunities for women to explore career and life choices in multiple disciplines that enable them to excel and realize their full potential.

  • To encourage critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and active learning opportunities which empower women as leaders, professionals, and engaged citizens during and after college
  • To promote support networks for women students in all fields, particularly those in which they have historically been under-represented
  • To foster a deeper understanding of women’s diverse roles and contributions to society
  • To increase awareness of obstacles women have faced and are facing, and to foster individual and collective strategies to address these issues
  • To cultivate skills for living and working with people of diverse backgrounds and opinion
  • To promote the self-esteem and self-confidence of its members.

The WILL Program fulfills its mission and enhances women’s college experience through a three-pronged approach that connects the curricular and co-curricular: course work in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, gender-related programming outside of the classroom, and a student-run leadership development organization. Additionally, WILL students are provided with opportunities to attend national leadership training seminars, public-speaking workshops, conflict resolution/transformation workshops, and other forums designed to build and enhance leadership skills.