Vice Executive Chair Kayla Termyna

Learn a bit about Senior and Vice Executive Chair of WILL Kayla Termyna!


Major and Minor: Deaf Education and Women and Gender Studies

Clubs and Activities: WILL and Deaf/Hearing Connection

Other Hobbies include: Crafting, Cross Stitching, Smashing the Patriarchy, ASL song interpretations

One of her best TCNJ Experiences,

“Being part of the Virginity Monologues during Redefining Sex Week really changed my experience at TCNJ. The first year WILL had this event, I was a sophomore, and I volunteered to be on the panel to share my experience being a virgin in college. I guess what surprised me most was the fact that people were really interested in what I had to say and they could relate to my experiences. The next year, I was able to plan and moderate the Virginity Monologues (and I’m doing it again this year!). This event has given me a chance to use my voice and it has inspired me to be a feminist leader on campus. The Virginity Monologues has become so important to me that it’s even evolved into my capstone research!”

What do you love about WILL and what would you say to those who want to join?

“I fully encourage everyone who is thinking about WILL to apply! WILL has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people, be more active on campus, and find my own voice. I wouldn’t be the same person if I wasn’t in WILL!”

Fun Fact: “I have a fascination with baby name trends.”

Favorite Food, Movie, TV show? Food: Spaghetti & Meatballs; Movies: A League of Their Own and Grease; TV Shows: Game of Thrones, Scandal & Dance Moms (please don’t judge me)

Favorite Quote: “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” –The Help

What does WILL and WGS mean to you?


More about Kayla:

“I’m a really friendly girl, Disney Enthusiast, and I call it Taylor Ham (the correct name).”