Vice Executive Chair Bridget Appleby

Learn a bit about Vice Executive Chair of

WILL Bridget Appleby.

Major and Minor: Psychology with a WGS Minor

Clubs and Activities: WILL Vice Executive Chair, Sigma Sigma Sigma

Other Hobbies include: Reading, Drawing, Baking, Playing Harvest Moon (silly farming game!)

One of her best TCNJ Experiences,

“I would say that going abroad the summer after my freshman year shaped me in ways that I never would have possibly imagined. When I went abroad on the Harlaxton-Romania trip in June 2014 I knew near no one going, and was what I thought


to be happily engaged to my then boyfriend. As the trip progressed, I came to make friends that I am still in contact with now and of whom I consider life-long companions: we, seven Harry Potter fanatics, called ourselves the

Horcruxes. With these amazing women, I had a supportive group where I could intellectually discuss anything with, from periods to obscure Harry Potter complexities. But most amazingly, beyond just making these incredible friendships, I was free; I felt an independence that I had never experienced before. It stemmed from the fact that I did not wear my engagement ring, and had little to no contact with my boyfriend. I didn’t wear the ring at first in fear of losing it, but then I came to realize that I never wanted it in the first place. It was because of these women and their fierce independence and support that I realized that at all. This started a ripple effect that would influence my decisions from then on, within the year breaking off the engagement and then finally breaking off the entire unhealthy relationship. I became heavy-handed in my involvement in WILL, joined a sorority where I maintain close and very important sisterhood relations… I can’t thank those Horcruxes enough for just being there on that trip, and their roles in who I am today.”

What do you love about WILL and what would you say to those who want to join?

“I love WILL because it has given me a tremendous language and sense of activism in feminism which I felt was missing in my life beforehand.”

Fun Fact: “I don’t know how I am going to identify with any grad school considering I love TCNJ so much.”

Favorite Food, Movie, TV show?Food? French Fries. Movie? Howl’s Moving Castle. TV Show? BBC’s Jane Eyre

Favorite Quote:I am no bird, and no net ensnares me. I am a free human being with an independent will.” Jane Eyre telling off Rochester

What does WILL and WGS mean to you?

Education, leadership, empowerment

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