Anchor House

Anchor House provides a comprehensive effort to help solve the problem of our youth and their families. Providing trained professional counseling, shelter, food and clothing. Anchor House is a haven for our youth in crisis. The doors of Anchor House remain open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Anchor House depends on committed members, organizations, and religious groups to help continue to provide these essential services. Volunteers are needed to cook, mentor, tutor, supervise recreational activities, sponsor group activities or trips.

Being a part of the Anchor House Volunteer Team is an extremely rewarding experience. As a Volunteer, you will give of your time and talents to help the youth in need. Training and supervision are provided to all Volunteers. Individuals and groups are encouraged to make a weekly or monthly commitment during the evenings or weekends.

Intern Information:

Mentor Program:

A mentor creates and sustains a one on one relationship with one of our youth, committing to meet weekly for one hour for at least one year.  Every meeting involves structured activities – the mentor and youth have equal involvement in planning these activities.

By volunteering! All mentors are screened through an interview, application and references.  Mentors and youth are then matched based on shared interest.  Age, gender, and education of the mentor are less important than his/her commitment and outlook towards mentoring.   Every mentor will also receive training, which emphasizes building trusting relationships, youth development and mentoring strategies.

Certified Volunteer:

•  Completion of State and Federal Fingerprinting Process

•  DMV Police Check

•  Doctor’s Note Stating Good Health

•  Tuberculosis Test

•  Two Personal References

•  Protocol Trainings’

The list might seem long, but it is through these requirements that we ensure that the children receive consistent, safe and loving care. Anchor House also accepts student interns from colleges/universities.

Anchor House is seeking volunteers to:

  • Tutor
  • Cook
  • Mentor
  • Assist with recreational activities

Application Information:

Contact: Marianne Funk

Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: (609) 392-6100 x100

Fax: (609) 392-0651